2021 Post Awards Banquet

- 6/3/2021

(Due to the Post being closed during the covid 19 precautionary restrictions the annual awards banquet was delayed by 3 months.) 
On May 20th,Post 6183 held its annual awards banquet at the Post Home.  Post Commander Steve Culp led the awards ceremonies as MC.
Drew Cauble was presented the Firefighter of the Year Award for 2020.  He began his firefighting career stationed at Bethany VFD in 2002.  He next served Norwood Fire Department from 2006 to 2015 and then transferred to Albemarle Fire Department where he now serves as Engineer.
Firefighter Captain Travis Haywood, Albemarle FD nominated Drew and was on hand to present Drew, praising Drew's many professional and technical accomplishments.
The Teacher of the Year Award saw Michael Curlee named as the recipient.  Michael has taught in the Stanly County School System for 11 years.  He currently serves the Special Education program at South Stanly High School. This is his second time being selected for VFW Post 6183 Teacher of the Year, having won the award several years ago.  Michael is also the Stanly County Teacher of the Year. 
A very special award went to Joy Lee.  Known around Norwood as the 
Picture Lady", Joy is the person who places and arranges the veterans' framed pictures on display in the Main Street windows of Family Dollar each year for Veterans Day.  Joy solicits a photograph of an area veteran from the veteran's family. She next obtains the picture frame and then reproduces the photo in an enlarged (8 X10 inch) format, making an extra copy for back-up in case something happens to one on display.  The original photo is returned to the family.
As the photos grew in number over the years, Joy went to Stanly Fixtures and told the what she needed and asked for a cost figure show it could be budgeted.  Stanly Fixtures made the presentation platforms and shelves at no cost.  There are now 294 photographs of area veterans, and still growing, which will be on display again, this year, for Veterans Day.
Joy is much loved, by all who know her.
Post 6183 has chosen for its most prestigious award, Erik van Brero as the VFW Post 6183 Comrade of the Year for 2020/2021,
Having joined 6183 in 2013, Erik soon became the Post Adjutant.  In 2017, he became the Post Quartermaster, a very important and central position in the operations of any VFW post.  His dedication and unrelenting pursuit of excellent performance of duty greatly contributed to Post 6183 being named an "All American Post" by VFW National Headquarters for the membership years of 2019/2020, and he has worked so tirelessly that 6183 has just been named All American Post for the second year in a row.
Post 6183 is indeed fortunate to have a post officer of the caliber of Erik van Brero.